Ivanti Velocity

Transforming the Mobile Workforce Experience
Demo Migrate

Moving your existing green screen applications to Android & Windows 10 couldn't be easier and Faster.

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Modern / Forms
Modernization &
Forms Demo

Modernized picking demo, including option in 'Inbound' menu task for damaged item digital form

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Demo Web

An industrial browser designed to improve productivity that can be customized to your environment and workflows.

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Demo Speakeasy

Go faster by adding voice to your existing apps

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Demo WS50

Designed to scale down the user interface & display what's important to the user

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Stage Now
Stage Now

Utilizing Zebras Stage-Now, download the latest versions of Velocity, Speakeasy, and demos

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Utilizing Velocity's Scan-To-Config, Download the latest versions of Velocity, Speakeasy, and demos

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Demo Barcodes
Demo Barcodes

Download the companion worksheet that contains the barcodes used within the Velocity Demos.


Wavelink News

Zebra ZS300 Sensor Demo

In this Ivanti Wavelink demo, Sam Gonzales shows how the new Zebra ZS300 temperature sensor can be integrated into shipment workflows with Velocity [All-Touch TE].

Zebra AMR integration with Velocity and Neurons for IIoT

Integrating Zebra AMRs with Ivanti Velocity makes it easy to accelerate material movement throughout manufacturing and warehouse facilities




Demo Features

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